Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Double CIM - CIM Squared Project

It was Friday afternoon, the temperatures were dropping and I was headed out to the race expo. I was making plans with friends on how to get to the race start since I wasn't going to take the bus. Then Saturday came and I was getting calls about some other friends who were going to run the double CIM starting around 2am. I all but made up my mind if I was going to run both legs and then I started to think, why the hell not? So really, it was around 6pm on Saturday when I decided to go ahead and start at 2am with the other 3 guys.

The double CIM, actually called the CIM Squared Project, was founded by Christopher Waters in 2008. This would be the second year of the event that was brought together to benefit the Elk Grove Food Bank Services. Myself (Brian Recore), Christopher Waters, Jim Barstadt, and Ray Sanchez all participated and ran the California International Marathon twice. We started at the finish around 1:45am and ran to the start of the race before the CIM began. We then ran the actual race 6000+ runners to the capital.

Me at the start of our run.

Ray Sanchez getting ready

Christopher Waters

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