Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekly training summary 5/21-5/27/12 and Nanny Goat

Total miles for the week - 116
Total miles for the month - 229

Monday - Another early morning business trip brought me to Monterey, CA.  I was able to get a run on the treadmill after work quickly before dinner.  5.1miles 45:05 (8:51min pace)

Tuesday - 5 miles 54:00 (10:48min pace)

Wednesday - 3 miles 40:39 (13:33min pace) 30min in the sauna at 145 degrees.

Thursday - 2.25 miles 24:20 (10:49min pace) 30min in sauna at 145 degrees.

Friday - rest day

Saturday - Nanny Goat 12hr/24hr/100miler race.  22:52:58 (13:36min pace). This is always a fun race.  It is a big party with no egos and lots of encouragement from everyone. This was my third year here at Nanny Goat.  A big thank you and congratulations  goes out to Steve and Annie Harvey for putting on such a great event. Thank you to Shellie Sexton for allowing the use of her facilities.

This year seemed a little tougher for some reason.  I was just over an hour last year slower.  I seemed to experience a little more discomfort too in the legs and feet than years past.  I contribute this to just being out of shape.  I have been running a little less than last year.  Nonetheless, this race is a good tune up for Badwater.  All though it wasn't hot this year at Nanny Goat I was able to test a lot of things like shoes, shorts, underwear, socks, diet, supplements, etc.  From this perspective it was a success.  I didn't have any stomach issues or get very tired the entire race.  I contribute this to my pre-race and race diet along with the use of Vespa.  The only things I consumed was 4 Muscle Milk shakes, watermelon, nuts, water, and 10 Vespas.  I did have the occasional Coke or Mountain dew at the aid station.

Nanny Goat is one of few ultra events that really allows for a family experience.  Since the race is around a 1mile loop many people bring their families.  Often times kids will run with their parents for a few miles.  I was fortunate for the second year to have my kids run a few miles with me again.  The family experiences of peoples emotions (highs and lows) along with seeing a few people barf makes for interesting conversations later.  Overall the family enjoys spending a few hours getting some exercise and watch their crazy husband/dad.

Its go time!

Around mile 55 changing shoes

Mile 71

At the finish with the 2nd year buckle.

Taking a quick nap before driving home.  I didn't even notice the buckle in my eye.

Maya was my pacer for 7 miles from around miles 60-67. She was running much fast than I was! 

Sunday - Finished this morning, after cleaning myself up it was challenging to keep myself awake.  I think I took about a 2 hour nap.  It hurt to walk as my feet were pretty beat up.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekly training summary 5/14-5/20/2012

This was a tough week for training. I was gone Monday-Thursday in Virginia Beach for work and stayed up late entertaining. It also was a semi taper week as I'm running nanny goat 100/24hr on may 26th.

Monday - rest day. Had to catch an early flight to Virginia Beach for work

Tuesday - 0600 5 mile run on the Virginia beach boardwalk and 5min swim in the cold Atlantic ocean.
The Neptune statue on Virginia Beach

Wednesday - 0615 5mile run on the Virginia beach boardwalk and 10min swim

Thursday - 0600 5 mile run on the Virginia beach boardwalk and 10min swim.
A great morning for a run and swim in Virginia Beach
Friday - back home from work trip and tired from jetlag, staying up late (about 2am) all week, and getting up early. 0730 10mile run on treadmill.
9pm - I went out for the adult soccer game this evening as the hamstring was feeling better. It went well even though we were crushed. I was able to score one of our 3 goals.

Saturday - I woke up feeling sick. I had both a headache and nausea. I did a afternoon walk to try and shake it off. 5pm 3 miles 49:23 followed by 40min in the sauna at 140 degrees.

Sunday - morning run with the dog 2.25miles 26:20. Afternoon run 5 miles 47:13 and sauna for 40min at 150 degrees.

I'm also posting this from the sauna right now from the blogger app on the iPhone!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekly training summary week 5/7/12-5/13/12 - Bounced Back

Total for the week - 67.4

This was a good week in terms of running goes.  I was able to bounce back from last weeks injury and with what seemed like little effort put up one of my highest mileage weeks.  I don't think I am at 100% just yet as I still have trouble sprinting. This week I decided I wasn't going to force anything.  If I only felt like running a little I would and if I went longer so be it.  

The Tuesday and Thursday afternoon runs are a nice change.  I was fortunate to be in town to take my daughter (9yrs old) to her  "Girls Running Strong" practice.  (They run about 2-3 miles in preparation for a 5k next month).  While she is at practice I can run through Kit Carson park.

Monday - 6:30am 10miles 1:21:11 (8:08min pace) felt pretty good for not running most of last week.  Hamstring let me know it was there every so slightly

9pm - 20min in Sauna at 145degrees.

Tonight I skipped to adult soccer game.  I did participate in the GU11 practice a little in some of the drills and running.  
Tuesday - 4:30pm 5miles (11:26min pace), 9:30pm 30min Sauna

Wednesday - 7am 5.3miles 51:05 (9:44min pace)

Thursday -  Two runs today.  7am 5miles 43:11 (8:15min pace) followed by 15min in the sauna, 4:30pm 5miles 52:30 (10:18min pace) with Kutting Weight Suite on. Second sauna session at 9:30pm for 30min at 150degrees.
iPhone seems to have a max temp around 145-150 degrees

Friday - Rest Day

Saturday - 27 miles , 5:41:40 (12:47min pace), Sauna - 15min 150degrees.  Ran to meet one of my Badwater Crew members, Jason Obriek, at Double Peek park.  We did a nice 7 mile loop with about 1000 feet of accent and decent before I ran back home.
The top of double peak park

There is the top of the double peak park in the background.

Sunday - 2:30pm 10.1 miles 1:42:41 (10:10min pace), Sauna 30min at 150 degrees.  Today was a nice recovery run after the mothers day morning.  

Today I also decided I was really going to focus on a new low-carb diet.  I began reading the book I received; "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance," when I restocked my supply of Vespa.  I should get though it pretty quick.  I hope to 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekly training summary week 4/30/12-5/6/12

Still recovering from my strained/pulled hamstring. I skipped any long runs over the weekend. I took Saturday off completely and only ran 3 miles on Sunday. Over the weekend I did mostly sauna time and stretching. 

0600  - easy 3 mile run in 32:17 (10:44 pace). I know I should be resting the hamstring but I just feel I should be moving.  Followed by 20min in the sauna at 145 degrees (infrared) and 100 squats. 

1430 - easy 3 mile run on the treadmill in 28:41.  Felt good about my leg.  Followed by 30min in sauna at 150 degrees.

2100 - went to the adult arena soccer game.  I only lasted about 5min before I had to pull myself out of the game because my hamstring hurt so bad.

Tuesday - Had to fly to Monterey, CA for work.  Rest day. PAIN!!! My hamstring was killing me and I found myself limping around.  I iced for about 40min in the evening.

Wednesday - 0600 Circuit training with weight in the hotel (I was traveling for work) and 20min of stationary bike.  My hamstring is still sore and I can't run at this point. I iced for 10min in the morning. Arrived home late from Monterey trip.

Thursday - 7am 20min in 30min in sauna at 145 degrees.  massage to help treat the hamstring.  

9:30pm more sauna time, 30min at 150 degrees.

Friday - 9:30pm 30min in sauna, 145 degrees.

Saturday - 3.2 miles around the house, 44:34.  This was the first run in 5 days.  It actually is the first day I felt good enough and safe enough to run.  My hamstring was tight and sore.  There wasn't any pain so I just took it slow.

9:30pm - 30min in Sauna at 155 degrees, tested out the iceskullz cap and ice mold.

Sunday - 10:30am. I decided to continue my luck and run for 5 miles.  48:26 (9:42min pace). 6pm, 2.25 miles with the dog, 23:09 (10:17min pace)

9:30pm - 30min sauna at 155 degrees.

Total miles 16.4

This was a rough week.  I went from feeling like was recovering to barely being able to walk.  I actually was using crutches for a day.  I've wisely decided to skip the next adult soccer game.  I have been given a lot of strong advice from others on doing so as well.  They are right as I need to focus more on the big event.  The week was not all bad, I could think of it as an sudden taper week.  There is a 100mile race I'm considering in two weeks and one I am signed up for already in 3 weeks.

Weekly training summary for 4/23/12-4/29/12

 - 3 miles, 24:50 (8:17min pace).  Feeling good today and excited about the second soccer game.  They are fun and have a lot of intensity.

Tuesday - 4.6 miles, 56:31 (12:17 pace).  Running around the neighborhood I had a hard time running uphill.  My hamstrings were incredibly sore and tight from last nights game.  They even hurt to the point of walking a bit. 

Evening Sauna 20min at 145 degrees

Wednesday - Rest day, my hamstrings were to sore still so I thought I would give it a rest. Sauna 30min 150 degrees.

Thursday - Morning 5 miles, 41:02 (8:13min pace), Evening 5 miles, 49:01 (9:49min pace).  Felt alright and decided to get some extra miles.  I chose to get another run in the evening instead of hitting the sauna.

Friday - 5.3 miles, 50:40 (9:40min pace) in the morning, At tonights soccer practice I ran for the kids I decided to participate in some of the drills.  In some active keep away drills I noticeably hurt myself and had to stop since the burning sensation in my hamstrings was speaking to me.  My leg hurt enough to make me consider forgetting about any long runs this weekend.
This is what I felt like.  I was still able to walk though.
Saturday - Rest Day, recovering from my hamstring.  A lot of stretching and sauna time.

Sunday - 3miles, 31:00 (10:20min pace)

Total for the week 30miles. 

Weekly training summary week 4/16/12-4/22/12

I'm going to start keeping track of my training on here.  I already track my workouts but not with much detail.  I'm looking back a few weeks before injured myself.  Up to this point I have been consistently running 50-50miles a week.  I also have run two hundreds this year on top of this.  There was some sauna time but I wasn't tracking it yet.  

Monday - 0700 - 4.1 miles, an easy run with my dog around the trails by my house in 55:40.  Average pace 13:35.

Today was the first day for the Over 30 arena soccer league I am participating in.  Our team name is the "Old Geezers".  It was a lot of fun and I scored one goal in the 5-5 tie.  Hamstrings are tight and sore.  This kind of running is totally different

Tuesday - 3 miles on treadmill, 27:00 (9:00min pace).  Today I was surprisingly sore from the first soccer game.  My hip flexors and hamstrings all let me know they were there.

Wednesday - 3.3 miles around the house, 44:08 (13:35min pace)

Thursday - 10.25 miles on treadmill, 1:39:13 (9:41min pace)

Friday - 6am 12.3 miles on treadmill, 2:12:55 (10:49min pace), 
            Evening 1.1 miles around the block with the dog. 12:48 (11:49min pace)

Saturday - 12.75 miles, 3:28:34 (16:22min pace)  I went out running with Iso and Jason exploring Old Gueito road in the hills by my house.  It was interesting as we passed several no trespassing signs, we realized we were running through a firing range, and we also had to do some Barkley style trail running as the trail ended at one point.
Of course we kept running after seeing these signs

Iso taking a closer look at one of the targets in the firing range we found ourselves in.

Nice little climb

Sunday - 5miles on the treadmill, 47:35 (9:31min pace)

Total miles 51.7