Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekly training summary 5/14-5/20/2012

This was a tough week for training. I was gone Monday-Thursday in Virginia Beach for work and stayed up late entertaining. It also was a semi taper week as I'm running nanny goat 100/24hr on may 26th.

Monday - rest day. Had to catch an early flight to Virginia Beach for work

Tuesday - 0600 5 mile run on the Virginia beach boardwalk and 5min swim in the cold Atlantic ocean.
The Neptune statue on Virginia Beach

Wednesday - 0615 5mile run on the Virginia beach boardwalk and 10min swim

Thursday - 0600 5 mile run on the Virginia beach boardwalk and 10min swim.
A great morning for a run and swim in Virginia Beach
Friday - back home from work trip and tired from jetlag, staying up late (about 2am) all week, and getting up early. 0730 10mile run on treadmill.
9pm - I went out for the adult soccer game this evening as the hamstring was feeling better. It went well even though we were crushed. I was able to score one of our 3 goals.

Saturday - I woke up feeling sick. I had both a headache and nausea. I did a afternoon walk to try and shake it off. 5pm 3 miles 49:23 followed by 40min in the sauna at 140 degrees.

Sunday - morning run with the dog 2.25miles 26:20. Afternoon run 5 miles 47:13 and sauna for 40min at 150 degrees.

I'm also posting this from the sauna right now from the blogger app on the iPhone!!

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