Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekly training summary 5/21-5/27/12 and Nanny Goat

Total miles for the week - 116
Total miles for the month - 229

Monday - Another early morning business trip brought me to Monterey, CA.  I was able to get a run on the treadmill after work quickly before dinner.  5.1miles 45:05 (8:51min pace)

Tuesday - 5 miles 54:00 (10:48min pace)

Wednesday - 3 miles 40:39 (13:33min pace) 30min in the sauna at 145 degrees.

Thursday - 2.25 miles 24:20 (10:49min pace) 30min in sauna at 145 degrees.

Friday - rest day

Saturday - Nanny Goat 12hr/24hr/100miler race.  22:52:58 (13:36min pace). This is always a fun race.  It is a big party with no egos and lots of encouragement from everyone. This was my third year here at Nanny Goat.  A big thank you and congratulations  goes out to Steve and Annie Harvey for putting on such a great event. Thank you to Shellie Sexton for allowing the use of her facilities.

This year seemed a little tougher for some reason.  I was just over an hour last year slower.  I seemed to experience a little more discomfort too in the legs and feet than years past.  I contribute this to just being out of shape.  I have been running a little less than last year.  Nonetheless, this race is a good tune up for Badwater.  All though it wasn't hot this year at Nanny Goat I was able to test a lot of things like shoes, shorts, underwear, socks, diet, supplements, etc.  From this perspective it was a success.  I didn't have any stomach issues or get very tired the entire race.  I contribute this to my pre-race and race diet along with the use of Vespa.  The only things I consumed was 4 Muscle Milk shakes, watermelon, nuts, water, and 10 Vespas.  I did have the occasional Coke or Mountain dew at the aid station.

Nanny Goat is one of few ultra events that really allows for a family experience.  Since the race is around a 1mile loop many people bring their families.  Often times kids will run with their parents for a few miles.  I was fortunate for the second year to have my kids run a few miles with me again.  The family experiences of peoples emotions (highs and lows) along with seeing a few people barf makes for interesting conversations later.  Overall the family enjoys spending a few hours getting some exercise and watch their crazy husband/dad.

Its go time!

Around mile 55 changing shoes

Mile 71

At the finish with the 2nd year buckle.

Taking a quick nap before driving home.  I didn't even notice the buckle in my eye.

Maya was my pacer for 7 miles from around miles 60-67. She was running much fast than I was! 

Sunday - Finished this morning, after cleaning myself up it was challenging to keep myself awake.  I think I took about a 2 hour nap.  It hurt to walk as my feet were pretty beat up.

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