Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekly training summary for 4/23/12-4/29/12

 - 3 miles, 24:50 (8:17min pace).  Feeling good today and excited about the second soccer game.  They are fun and have a lot of intensity.

Tuesday - 4.6 miles, 56:31 (12:17 pace).  Running around the neighborhood I had a hard time running uphill.  My hamstrings were incredibly sore and tight from last nights game.  They even hurt to the point of walking a bit. 

Evening Sauna 20min at 145 degrees

Wednesday - Rest day, my hamstrings were to sore still so I thought I would give it a rest. Sauna 30min 150 degrees.

Thursday - Morning 5 miles, 41:02 (8:13min pace), Evening 5 miles, 49:01 (9:49min pace).  Felt alright and decided to get some extra miles.  I chose to get another run in the evening instead of hitting the sauna.

Friday - 5.3 miles, 50:40 (9:40min pace) in the morning, At tonights soccer practice I ran for the kids I decided to participate in some of the drills.  In some active keep away drills I noticeably hurt myself and had to stop since the burning sensation in my hamstrings was speaking to me.  My leg hurt enough to make me consider forgetting about any long runs this weekend.
This is what I felt like.  I was still able to walk though.
Saturday - Rest Day, recovering from my hamstring.  A lot of stretching and sauna time.

Sunday - 3miles, 31:00 (10:20min pace)

Total for the week 30miles. 

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