Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekly training summary week 4/16/12-4/22/12

I'm going to start keeping track of my training on here.  I already track my workouts but not with much detail.  I'm looking back a few weeks before injured myself.  Up to this point I have been consistently running 50-50miles a week.  I also have run two hundreds this year on top of this.  There was some sauna time but I wasn't tracking it yet.  

Monday - 0700 - 4.1 miles, an easy run with my dog around the trails by my house in 55:40.  Average pace 13:35.

Today was the first day for the Over 30 arena soccer league I am participating in.  Our team name is the "Old Geezers".  It was a lot of fun and I scored one goal in the 5-5 tie.  Hamstrings are tight and sore.  This kind of running is totally different

Tuesday - 3 miles on treadmill, 27:00 (9:00min pace).  Today I was surprisingly sore from the first soccer game.  My hip flexors and hamstrings all let me know they were there.

Wednesday - 3.3 miles around the house, 44:08 (13:35min pace)

Thursday - 10.25 miles on treadmill, 1:39:13 (9:41min pace)

Friday - 6am 12.3 miles on treadmill, 2:12:55 (10:49min pace), 
            Evening 1.1 miles around the block with the dog. 12:48 (11:49min pace)

Saturday - 12.75 miles, 3:28:34 (16:22min pace)  I went out running with Iso and Jason exploring Old Gueito road in the hills by my house.  It was interesting as we passed several no trespassing signs, we realized we were running through a firing range, and we also had to do some Barkley style trail running as the trail ended at one point.
Of course we kept running after seeing these signs

Iso taking a closer look at one of the targets in the firing range we found ourselves in.

Nice little climb

Sunday - 5miles on the treadmill, 47:35 (9:31min pace)

Total miles 51.7

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