Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekly training summary week 4/30/12-5/6/12

Still recovering from my strained/pulled hamstring. I skipped any long runs over the weekend. I took Saturday off completely and only ran 3 miles on Sunday. Over the weekend I did mostly sauna time and stretching. 

0600  - easy 3 mile run in 32:17 (10:44 pace). I know I should be resting the hamstring but I just feel I should be moving.  Followed by 20min in the sauna at 145 degrees (infrared) and 100 squats. 

1430 - easy 3 mile run on the treadmill in 28:41.  Felt good about my leg.  Followed by 30min in sauna at 150 degrees.

2100 - went to the adult arena soccer game.  I only lasted about 5min before I had to pull myself out of the game because my hamstring hurt so bad.

Tuesday - Had to fly to Monterey, CA for work.  Rest day. PAIN!!! My hamstring was killing me and I found myself limping around.  I iced for about 40min in the evening.

Wednesday - 0600 Circuit training with weight in the hotel (I was traveling for work) and 20min of stationary bike.  My hamstring is still sore and I can't run at this point. I iced for 10min in the morning. Arrived home late from Monterey trip.

Thursday - 7am 20min in 30min in sauna at 145 degrees.  massage to help treat the hamstring.  

9:30pm more sauna time, 30min at 150 degrees.

Friday - 9:30pm 30min in sauna, 145 degrees.

Saturday - 3.2 miles around the house, 44:34.  This was the first run in 5 days.  It actually is the first day I felt good enough and safe enough to run.  My hamstring was tight and sore.  There wasn't any pain so I just took it slow.

9:30pm - 30min in Sauna at 155 degrees, tested out the iceskullz cap and ice mold.

Sunday - 10:30am. I decided to continue my luck and run for 5 miles.  48:26 (9:42min pace). 6pm, 2.25 miles with the dog, 23:09 (10:17min pace)

9:30pm - 30min sauna at 155 degrees.

Total miles 16.4

This was a rough week.  I went from feeling like was recovering to barely being able to walk.  I actually was using crutches for a day.  I've wisely decided to skip the next adult soccer game.  I have been given a lot of strong advice from others on doing so as well.  They are right as I need to focus more on the big event.  The week was not all bad, I could think of it as an sudden taper week.  There is a 100mile race I'm considering in two weeks and one I am signed up for already in 3 weeks.

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  1. Bummer about the injury. Rest it and don't push. There is still plenty of training time left before Badwater. What you don't want to do it try to train through it for a month plus only to prevent healing.

    Also.....stay away from the adult soccer least until AFTER. Badwater!!