Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekly training summary week 5/7/12-5/13/12 - Bounced Back

Total for the week - 67.4

This was a good week in terms of running goes.  I was able to bounce back from last weeks injury and with what seemed like little effort put up one of my highest mileage weeks.  I don't think I am at 100% just yet as I still have trouble sprinting. This week I decided I wasn't going to force anything.  If I only felt like running a little I would and if I went longer so be it.  

The Tuesday and Thursday afternoon runs are a nice change.  I was fortunate to be in town to take my daughter (9yrs old) to her  "Girls Running Strong" practice.  (They run about 2-3 miles in preparation for a 5k next month).  While she is at practice I can run through Kit Carson park.

Monday - 6:30am 10miles 1:21:11 (8:08min pace) felt pretty good for not running most of last week.  Hamstring let me know it was there every so slightly

9pm - 20min in Sauna at 145degrees.

Tonight I skipped to adult soccer game.  I did participate in the GU11 practice a little in some of the drills and running.  
Tuesday - 4:30pm 5miles (11:26min pace), 9:30pm 30min Sauna

Wednesday - 7am 5.3miles 51:05 (9:44min pace)

Thursday -  Two runs today.  7am 5miles 43:11 (8:15min pace) followed by 15min in the sauna, 4:30pm 5miles 52:30 (10:18min pace) with Kutting Weight Suite on. Second sauna session at 9:30pm for 30min at 150degrees.
iPhone seems to have a max temp around 145-150 degrees

Friday - Rest Day

Saturday - 27 miles , 5:41:40 (12:47min pace), Sauna - 15min 150degrees.  Ran to meet one of my Badwater Crew members, Jason Obriek, at Double Peek park.  We did a nice 7 mile loop with about 1000 feet of accent and decent before I ran back home.
The top of double peak park

There is the top of the double peak park in the background.

Sunday - 2:30pm 10.1 miles 1:42:41 (10:10min pace), Sauna 30min at 150 degrees.  Today was a nice recovery run after the mothers day morning.  

Today I also decided I was really going to focus on a new low-carb diet.  I began reading the book I received; "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance," when I restocked my supply of Vespa.  I should get though it pretty quick.  I hope to 

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  1. Very nice training week! Good to chat with you a bit while you were running on Saturday. That Kutting Weight suit is a killer!!