Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekly Training Summary 6/4-6/10/2012: San Diego 100 mile

Time is flying by.  There are only 34 days until Badwater.  The next 2-3 weeks I plan to continue the higher mileage before I start to taper and rest up for the race.  Now I seem to really be focusing on logistics and getting the crew communicating, mostly on Facebook.

Monday, June 4 2012
Early morning travel to Pensacola, FL for work.  I was unbelievably sore from the marathon yesterday.  I think I might have been more sore after the marathon than in some of my ultra's

Tuesday, June 5, 2012
3miles, 26:20

Wednesday, June 6, 2012 
Rest day, the work schedule was to busy to fit in a run.

Thursday, June 7, 2012
It was an early morning as I was traveling back from Pensacola, FL.
3.1 miles, 44:08min (14:20min pace).  I went out for a short recovery stroll.  This time I had my son Chase (age 8) come with me.  We used this time to talk about what super hero we would want to be and different ones on DC and Marvel.

Friday, June 8, 2012
Rest day, 45min in Sauna at 145 degrees.  I took two conference calls for work while in the sauna.

Saturday, June 9, 2012 - Sunday, June 10, 2012
0700 - 100.2 miles in 27:08:30 - San Diego 100 mile run

The San Diego 100 was a well done event.  Scott Mills and his team did a great job.  The course was well done and it was noticeable that work had been done to clean up the trails.  A course record was set by Jeff Browning in 16:28:59.  (I dream of being that fast sometimes) This year also seemed to have its challenges for the runners.  There were a large amount of drops possibly do to the heat.

My race went well.  My plan was primarily to just run comfortably and not push to much.  I think I might have gone out a little slow but it took me a while to loosen up.  I was hoping for a sub-24 but I knew around 50miles it was going to be a long shot.  I had a great support as my friend Jason Obriek spent the weekend helping out.  He will also be on the Badwater crew this year.  To my surprise, I had the pacing support of Iso Yucra for the last 45+/- miles.  He was a big help in pushing me at times and keeping me moving.  I knew with him there there were no options but to just keep moving.  I know I tortured him by going so slow.

It didn't take long into the race for me to come to the realization that running a 100mile race, a marathon, and another 100mile race in 3 weekends wasn't one of my better ideas.  On the plus side I have a good amount of time on my feet and running with tired legs.  Both of these I will need next month at Badwater.

Fueling - Vespa, Muscle Milk, 2 Kind nut bars, and 5hr energy for a kick.
Socks - DryMaxx
Shoes - Brooks Pure Grit
Blisters - None
Challenges - I need to find a way to prevent what seems like exercised asthma after about 80 miles.

Its Go Time!  Taken just before the start
At the start line with Jason Obriek.  He helped a lot as crew.
One of climbs and the view of the desert floor by Borrego Springs
At mile 80, Resting(or procrastinating) with Iso(pacer) before tackling the final 20miles
Photo by Iso Yucra at mile 99.7
Crossing the finish line in 27:08:30

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekly training summary 5/28-6/3/2012

This week was a the recovery week after Nanny Goat and also a taper week before the San Diego 100.  I was very please how fast I recovered and back running.  I took it slow and didn't force the running.  I just ran the amounts that felt good.  I'm pleased that I was still able to have a 50 mile week in a recovery week.

Monday - Rest Day.  I purposely didn't do any running.  I did try and get out walking a little just doing normal errands and stuff.  I think I was a little more sleepy than anything.

Tuesday - 3miles, 30min in Sauna (150 degrees)

Wednesday - 4miles, 30min in sauna (150 degrees)

Thursday - 3miles in the morning, 3.8 miles in afternoon. 20min in sauna (160 degrees). I found it difficult to stay in the sauna after drinking a few glasses of wine.

Friday - 10miles 1:58:30.  My run on the treadmill was a little slower as I had 3 conference calls that I actively participated in during the run.  I've been known at work to be running while on conference calls.  I confess, its true.

I volunteered to be a chaperon for my daughters 4th grade field trip to spend the night at SeaWorld.  We arrived at 5:30pm.  We had a number of activities through out the park, dinner, and finally setup our sleeping bags around midnight.

Saturday - Not really a rest day.  After spending the night at SeaWorld.  0630 wake up. The field trip was over at 9am.  We met up with my son, Chase, then stayed in the park until 3pm.  I considered this just simply "time on my feet training".  Overall it was enjoyable spending the time with the kids hitting the rides and shows.

It was some where around dinner time on Saturday I started trading text messages with my friend Iso on running in marathon on Sunday.  Eventually I decided sure what the hell, I was going to run a few miles anyway.

Sunday - San Diego Rock-n-Roll Marathon.  26.2 miles 3:52:30.  Iso was the pacer for the 3:40 pace group.  The plan was to stay with him the entire way.  It was a crazy plan that my best time ever in a marathon is around 3:45.  I was able to stick with him for about 15-16 miles until I started fading.  Iso did a great job and brought his group right on the mark at 3:40:30.  I wasn't too far behind.

The start line view of the San Diego Rock-n-Roll Marathon

Iso Yucra and I at the start line in corral #6.  Iso was the pacer for the 3:40 pace group.